Why Men Love Asian Babes So Much ?

I’m here to share with you some secrets and tips about “Why men love asian babes so much?“. This is something I have spent hundreds of hours and weeks consultation and trying to get to the sexy asianbottom of and as a part-time love guru and full-time asian, I thought who better to share some tips and secrets than me because those few things totally mean I’m a real expert. And as the studious girl I am because everyone knows asians are studious, I’ve spent the last few weeks doing intense studies and researches about blogs, forums, articles and videos about “Why men love asian babes so much ?”. In no strict order, reason or rhyme asian babes are very pretty, feminine, submissive and subservient. We care more about the health and success of our man than our own. Asian babes are sexy, caring, kind, confident, cute and quiet. We love to clean and cook because it brings us peace and joy. Asian babes like to be dominated, It also brings us joy and peace.

Yellow fever:

We also need to discuss this small madness that goes around the world. Typically men catch it at a younger age and I would be brave enough to call it an disease:asian girl Yellow fever. Symptoms and signs of this disease might come it the form of a deep obsession with cosplay girls, anime, hentay, tv, movies , art and pics on your computer of cute cartoon asian babes. Eating out what you would call typical asian food in restaurant and always using chopsticks. Men with yellow fever, look at you and they only see hentai geisha or naughty gamer girl. They hide some sort of cosplay collections in their night stand and they learn how to speak in asian language like Japanese even though no one in your life speaks those languages. Let me tell you, with all the studies and researches I’ve done, yellow fever is not something to take lightly and negligible. If you or someone you love is suffering from this please seek help immediately. I’m hopeful that with some combined awareness and more efforts we can find a cure.

Men secretly love Hello Kitty:

love Hello Kitty - Asian babesThe last few reasons the men secretly love Hello Kitty and the only way they can get away with buying it and having it around is dating sexy asian babes. Men like to do all the driving and don’t like to do math just like asian babes. They are drawn to exotic, but not too exotic. Men like that for Halloween the sexy geisha or ninja costume will look real. They don’t ever want a text message without an funny emoji. Finale of course, men love that asian babes have small, tight eyes. Another big topic I saw out there when doing my deep studies and researches about this was the question “Why do asian babes love white guys ?“. You know, I can answer that for you easily right here. It’s because of men like Johnny Depp, Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson and many more.

About interracial relationships:

A lot of people are wondering why especially asian men who are attracted to asian babes, they wonder why asian babes always go for white men. I can think of one major thing – opposites attract. So we can know that she likes her white guys. I don’t see why there is a problem with that. If she likes black men I don’t see why they Yellow Fever - asian babesshould be a problem with that honestly. I just want to know who cares if he is black and she is white or if she is asian and he is white or she is Latino. I really don’t care. I don’t see why people should care anyway. Race shouldn’t be the focal point of a relationship. I think that a relationship should be focused on love and how you feel about each other. If you are attracted to her or him then that is what definitely matters. Who cares of they are different racing. I don’t think that is a beautiful thing I think that learning about different cultures is a beautiful thing.

How to get exotic asian babes:

sexy asian babeHow to approach asian babes or ladies in general. Here are a few thing that all asian babes are looking for in men:
– They want you to take care of them: It is just in their culture where the man really is the man of the house. The asian babes what to be approached, they want to be respected and they want to be taken out on night parties and bars. When you do approach asian babes just be charming, not cocky and be confident too.
– Compliment: whether it is her outfit, her looks, education or her hair. Then you can just smile and walk up to her and say something like “Hey how’s it going” . Be specific without being creepy. I’m sure flowers and chocolates won’t hurt either. Pretty simple right ? What it all comes down to is all of us want that someone.
– Groom yourself: bring out your tweezers , put out your eyebrows, your ear hairs, your nose hairs and you get the idea.
party asian babeMen think that asian babes are all the same, but in the whole world there are many different types of exotic аsian babes. For those of you guys who don’t know:


The normal girl: If you are looking for a sweet and cute, she’s your gal. The normal girl loves the comfort of home and a good time in it. The normal girl usually wears plain, fading and worn clothes. Nothing too challenging.

The gym girl: You have your gym girl, but she is really more into health for the benefits of looking good on FaceBook. Some of the things that the gym girl likes are: diets, regular exercises, jogging, jumping rope, hard workouts, fitting clothes and many more. Gym asian babes wears sport wear, sneakers or other similar sport gears.

asian cosplay girlThe fashionista girl: The fashionista lady is similar to the models world, but way more focus on the lifestyle. Models love vintage thrift stores and fashionistas prefer boutiques. If you are fashionista asian babe then you are definitely familiar with top models and trends. The fashionista girl thinks that her own look and style is pretty good, but it actually looks like something very similar to what you see on tv channel.

Asian babes: The babe is a sexy girl with big boobs and awesome body. They love men with sleek yachts and expensive phones. They аre cute, sexy and you will know when you will see them. The asian babes often has sexy eyes, big breasts, tight ass, perfect body, soft skin and wonderful hair.

The party girl: You can find this party asian babes at the: bars, night club, festival, concert or at the pool party. Asian babes spend a lot of time thinking about which event should go this night.

sport asian babeThe dancing girl: Asian Babe really love dubstep music but She is more on the traditional element of electronic music. The Dancer girl is usually focus on a dance and she is definitely familiar with all the great dancers on FaceBook or Instagram.

The geek girl: The geek asian babes like being a cosplay girl, being a gamer, being a twitch fan girl and being in a geek tv show. The geek asian babes are much more in IT and technology. She probably read the entire book of “Lord of the rings” before watching the movie.

The nerd girl : Very well educated girl. She is probably the daughter of a teacher or a scientist or diplomat or something that’s smart. Do the words “The Big Bang Theory” , “Theory Of Multiple Parallel Universes” or “Relevance theory”, ring a bell? If they do, you are maybe a smart lady!