Why Do Men Find Blonde Girls So Attractive?

blonde womenWhy do men prefer blonde girls? Men are primitive since antiquity. They are seduced by what attracts their minds. What does that have to do with a preference for blonde girls? Black eyes and black hair are typical of mankind in general. Blonde girls stands out from others. Blonde girls are low percentage of the world population. That means blonde girls stand out from other dark-haired women. Men compete with each other for status and symbols of riches. Possession of something unusually as blond woman is a status symbol. Really blonde girls are so valuable? The women, too, see it as a way to improve appearance, which is why blond hair dye has been popular from antiquity. Redheads are more exotic in comparison with the brunettes and blonde girls.

What type of ladies do men actually like ?

If I’m walking down in the park and I spot two gorgeous and seductive ladies a brunette and a blonde. Which one I have to choose ? I did some research about it. So after doing a very long study I found that half of men would choose a brunette girl for a long term relationship and a blonde girl for a short term relationship. sexy blonde girlsDoes it surprise you ? And I found that only two percent of the ladies in whole world are naturally blond. Is that weird ? Blonde girls carry this adorable presence that allows guys to think that they’re cute, sexy, funny and so attractive. And as you can see, there are a lots of blonde girls in the tv channels because blonde girls are charming, passionate and everything that guys want.

Some Things Men Find Sexy and Attractive in Blonde Girls

hot and sexy blondeI just made this list of the first thoughts that came to my mind. It was things I think are attractive in hot blonde girls so don’t take it like “the bible of what’s attractive in hot blonde girls and what’s not”.

The good sense of humor –  Is definitely a must because I like a lot of jokes. I mean most men like to make a lot of jokes and walk around. So if hot blond girl can just go along with that laugh at themselves and you know make fun of us back and think like that it’ll just make things like pretty fun.
Being able to keep a conversation – is definitely something I find so sexy and attractive. I know you might be thinking “I can’t talk to people” but it’s okay because I’m actually like that too. I’ll give you a little tip here it’s actually easy to talk to people if you have similar interests and things that come with them. And if you don’t have a lot of things to comment or you just don’t have a lot of common points with sexy and hot blondes and then just don’t worry about that because they know the time will come when you’ll find someone hot and fun to talk to you.
hot-blondeBe nice – Ask hot blondes about how they’re doing or their life or just whatever. Just be nice and considerate. Generally if you’re nice and friendly to everyone I don’t really know how that’s not attractive. And be yourself or just don’t be a fake douchebag.
Being responsible and independent – Is really attractive and sexy. If a girl can be completely genuine about something and doesn’t fell like she has a lie to impress you or anything like that then that’s a very enviable and attractive quality. I mean it shows us that you’re not afraid to do things on your own and when you don’t rely on anyone to do anything for you and “BAM” that’s some hot blond girl right there. If you need me to do literally everything in your life that you could do yourself that’s actually really annoying. I just feel kinda used if you try to do that. I mean if you need me to do a few things for you like a favor is like of course that’s totally fine. Just don’t be as hopeless and pathetic.

Do Guys Prefer Blondes or Brunettes ?

It depends of the guys. Believe it or not in general studies have been done on this, guys tend to prefer the blond girl, she has an edge over the brunette. This is one of those things where it’s very subjective and just depends but in general based on studies – guys have a slight preference on blonde girls. Have a preference as you know I like people that look like me that a brunette but then I find some blonde girls really sexy but then I like weird just special like other ladies like redheads but you know I don’t discriminate. I like all of them.

Are Blonde Girls Actually Dumb?

beautiful-blondeWhat’s up with our relation between the level of one’s intellect and melanin in one’s hair follicles or in other words what’s up with the dumb blonde girls thing ? First of all let me highlight that there is no scientific study to prove this idea that blonde girls are somehow not as intelligent as brunettes. When it comes to the origins of this stereotype there are two primary blonde girls to thank or rather loathe especially if you are a blond person tried of people assuming that you’re dumb. First we have Rosalie Duthe who was an eighteenth century French courtesan who many consider to be history’s first dumb blond girl. Duthe was not only a prized courtesan among french royals at the time but also a trained ballet dancer and very much famous for being gorgeous and popular and also the same kind of dumb. sexy-blondeIn seventeen seventy five in fact a one act play involving Duthe as a character emphasized her trademark vacant pauses during conversations and thus the original dumb blond girl joke was born. Fast forward to the nineteen twenty and we have one Anita Loos who was in fact a brunette really bringing the dumb blonde girls into our pop-cultural vernacular. In nineteen twenty five Loos who was already a thriving magazine and screenwriter wrote a best selling and sensationally famous novel “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” all about stupid blond protagonist named Loreli Lee. If that title of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is ringing a bell in your brain it’s probably because in nineteen fifty three it was adapted for the big screen starring as the dumb blonde Loreli Lee and Marilyn Monroe. Thus cementing this kind of random hair stereotype into our popular imagination much to the chagrin of blonde girls everywhere. I mean I guess I don’t want to speak to behalf on blonde girls, I dont want to brunette-splain this thing.

What our hair color says about us ?

Men judge women based on their hair color and this is something that scientists and psychologists have studied very carefully since the early seventeen seventy in which they discovered that many sexy-blonde-girlmen prefers blonde girls. Evidence of a blond seductiveness can be find in all kind of world cultural heritage such as old magazines, children’s dolls, wax museum and we need to mention a sex symbol of the old days called Marilyn Monroe.  But as researches on hair color perceptions have shown blonde girls don’t always have more attractiveness compared to for example brunettes. Blonde girls are seen as more beautiful, seductive, confident and many more. The woman with dark hair are seen from guys as a slightly more easier to approachable than blonde girls although and the ladies with dark hair are seen as a slightly more intelligent. Women with dark hair are seen as cheerful, loving, fun and many more things.  According to a likely unscientific survey from big shampoo brand while guys prefer to date blonde girls they prefer brunettes for a long time relationship and and even marriage.