Will Online Sex Be Better Than Real Sex?


Online sex is greatly in trend now. Due to the availability of so many social networking options people can find and have fun with various girls. Online sex is one of those subjects that get the attention from almost every individual. If a man is mature enough to understand online sex, then he would start showing passion and excitement for same and this excitement for online sex remain in his heart till his last breath. Many old men may not accept this candidly, but online sexthey all can have the same kind of feelings or excitement for online sex. Those who can have sex, they want to experience it in new ways and those who can’t have; they want to do it in their life by any mean. As online sex option is very enjoyable, exciting and adventurous. But everything has pros and cons so online option is also having cons and if you want to fulfil that drawback men can simply date some gorgeous escorts. The paid companions can able to give you more fun and pleasure as well. Here I am sharing some of the fun things that you can get with paid companions but not with online option.

Meet personally:

Men can meet paid companions and interact with them personally but this is not possible in the online option. Guys can touch and feel the presence of a partner while dating with escorts. Men can have the great passion for girls as cyber_sexwell. Many men take escorts services because of this passion. And same is the case for online sex as well because ideally men will have online sex only with girls. So, when we talk about the subjects for which men have great passion and dedication, then we can name girls in that. When you men talk with their friends, then many times they talk about girls and nothing else. That can also explain the dedication and passion that men can have for this particular subject. In online meeting everything is virtual you don’t know about who is sitting at another side. I agree, paid companions would not be able to offer sexual satisfaction or pleasure to you, but then also you can meet beautiful girls personally and you can have much better pleasure as well.

See the beauty:

sexy girlMen can see the gorgeous and beautiful girls in their arms with the help of paid services. In online sex they always fail to have this fun does not matter they are having this kind of chat via some chat room or one to one chat. Also, if they are doing the online sex via video chat, then also they do not get this pleasure of seeing the beauty in real life. In online sex, you never know if a girl is actually beautiful or not unless you check her photos. In escorts services, you go for the dating only after checking their photos. Hence, this also gives an assurance to you that you get beautiful and sexy women as your partner for date. Just like these benefits, so many other amazing benefits are also there that you can have with this option and because of those reasons I recommend you to choose the paid service to get a partner for date instead of online sex. Because of this reason I can say men would always have more fun with escorts instead of having an intimate relationship on chat. Also, when you see the beauty side by then you get more joyful feelings and that makes you happy from deep of your heart.


Authenticity is another complication or issue that is faced by many people in online sex. Unless you get involved in a video chat, you never know the authenticity of other person. Person at other end might say she is a young girl with perfect figure, but in reality it could be a 45 year old fat guy who may have some problem with his own identity. In online sex people always expect a lot of things from their partners. These things may or may not suit your

requirement or choices and you may not get the same kind of things that you expected from your partners. In short we can say this online sex can cause some complications to you. But if we compare the same with escorts then we will realize that you get much lesser complications in this option. So, if we talk about the related complications then that is one more difference that you get in both the options and related things. This kind of situation never arises when you date some hot and sexy escorts. You know you are going to have a partner who would be a beautiful and young girl and she would definitely offer her companionship to you in the best way.

Better confidence:

Many people that get involved in online sex always show lesser amount of confidence in themselves. This is a proven fact and this poor confidence level get worse with time. At the other hand, if you are dating a beautiful and hot girl online lovethat could make you a reason of envy among other guys, then you will surely have higher confidence. If you would have online sex or chat with sexy girls, then this fun will be virtual and you may not get any real life experience with it. But when I date some hot and sexy escorts then I get real life experience. Via escorts services, I can meet sexy and beautiful girls and I can go out with them in real. That means I can enjoy dance with hot London escorts, I can eat delicious food and I can do so many other things similar to this. Any of these things are not possible with online sex or chat and that is why I do not choose that option for my entertainment. This high confidence is one more good reasons that can encourage you to go ahead for the escorts services instead of trying some online method to have a sexual pleasure. If you feel online sex is a good way of having fun, then you are not alone in this. Just like you many other men get the same feeling for online sex and dating. However, I don’t have an agreement with those people and I do not get any fun in online sex with hot girls. Instead of that I always prefer to have date hot escorts for my fun. When I try this option, then I get great fun with hot escorts and I always enjoy great time with them.