Why Do Russian Girls Want Western Men ?

Why Russian girls want to find a Western man or why Russian girls are searching for partners in foreign country ? It’s a pretty ordinary question but I’m sure this is a very important topic for blonde-russian-girlevery single man. Do Russian girls want a better way of life or everlasting love or just more cash ? A lot of Russian girls want to try their luck abroad. A lot of them are looking for a comfortable life. But believe me many of them are looking for a rich man. The general reason is the lack of men in Russia that makes a lot of sexy women to look for men abroad. I would say that many western men love Russian girls because they are feminine and stunning. Ratio of women to men in Russia is approximately nine to ten. Even in some little cities, sex ratio is something like six men to ten women and this actually is really bad for Russian girls. That makes the men in Russia to be a slightly pretentious when they select female partner and this is pretty understandable. The lack of a sufficient number of men in Russia is the general reason why a lot of Russian girls are searching for partners in foreign country.


Why Russian girls are so attracted to western men ?

All Russian girls can be sorted into few categories. Russian girls who love American men are in the first group. Do not rush with the choice. Men’s qualities such as loyalty and responsibility are not russian-womanrelevant, but money always matter.  These Russian girls want to emigrate in the West. These Russian girls are ready to married for ugly, stupid and lame American men, if that will lead them in America the land of opportunity. But why ladies in Russia love American men so much ? Keep calm guys, not all Russian girls are nasty gold diggers. There are a lot of sensitive and amorous ladies in Russia who believe in love at first sight and who yearn for a foreign partner. Some Russian girls are frustrated from men in Russia because they drink a lot of vodka and do some bad things. Other group of women in Russia, who don’t think about western lifestyle. They do not want to leave their home or even their city. These ladies consider that they have to remain and spend their lives in their homeland.


Things Russian girls look for in a man before falling for him.

How to make the most of your relationship with an beautiful girl ? You might be like Brad Pitt and may have a lamborghini and a perfect body but unfortunately sexy-russian-womanthis only can help you to impress the girl not to keep her. We’ll talk about what characteristic men must have to impress and keep the girl. I never share hypothetical information with you. I interviewed a lot of ladies in Russia about what characteristic is the value in men. Here’s the simple list of their answers:

A good sense of humor – That priceless ability can always save your relationship.
Loyalty – Male loyalty is highly appreciated in Russia.
Honesty – This is probably the most important quality in the list. Honesty is the thing that a lot of ladies searching in the men.
Siblings and parents – Impress her family. This is highly appreciated by Russian girls.


Do most Russian girls have an attraction to black men ?

Only a small percentage of ladies in Russia like black men or any other exotic type of men and the overwhelming majority of those ladies are non slavic. That means the majority of Russian girls that actually think about black people keep in mind most do not interact with black people and go about their normal lives can russian-ladytell the difference between dark skinned black men from America and from Africa facial features matter in the styles address speech etc.  Ninety five percent of ladies in Russia probably want noting sexual to do with black people. Ninety five percent that’s an overwhelming majority and that number is a little too high but let’s go with it. That’s pretend ninety five percent of available ladies in Russia who are single between the ages of 18 and 40 are not interested in black men. So you think woow ladies in Russia don’t like black men, it would make sense to say that but really what makes sense don’t think about this if you’re a black man and you go outside. How many Russian girls will you pass ? How many available ladies in Russia are likely to pass if you’re going on outside for maybe five hours ? Let’s say 500 available Russian girls you’re like to pass or something. Let’s bring it down let’s say 100. Remember you’re going to see more Russian girls but a hundred of them will be available in that age. Because there’s a lot of Russian girls here.

So as you see a hundred of these ladies only five of these sexy ladies are likely to want to talk to you and usually when these five sexy ladies see you two of them might make it obvious one of them will actually doesn’t see you. Even that ninety five percent a lot of them want nothing to do with you in front of other people. Let’s say ninety five percent want nothing to do with you but five of sexy-russian-girlthose ninety five will have something to do with you if no one else can see. So if you happen to run into here and there’s no one else around you can get a phone number and only hang out with you at tour apartment because she doesn’t want other people to know because of her image that does happen. So ten of them in total will probably want something to do with you but half of that ten percent or let’ say five of those ten sexy and hot ladies they won’t say anything to you because there’s people around but five of them will actually say something to you. If you are brave dude and you approach Russian girls the ladies give you attention if you approach a lot of Russian girls you’re likely to me at least two Russian girls a day who are single and who wants to get with you. I mean you’re likely to exchange numbers. I know I said there’ll be five out of the hundred who like you but if you do the map no guys going to approach all those ladies. He’s like that maybe make eye contact wave or something half of those ladies or 50 of them if he’s likely to if he’s like on the lookout and I would say it was 50 he’s likely to see through two or three ladies that gives attention to that like him so he could get who or three phone numbers a day if he goes out every day. hot-russian-ladySo if he doesn’t go out every day he goes out every other day he’s like me like five Russian girls a week easy if he’s an outgoing person. He got taken five ladies a week and let’s say maybe two of those five women work out he could easily have two new Russian girls every week doing the map. This is with the vast majority of ladies in Russia not liking you. This for an outgoing black person so if you’re not outgoing you’ll be lonely. If you’re just a typical black dude. Now keep in mind a lot of ninety those five percent Russian girls will approach you for pictures and self but remember those ninety they want nothing to do with you essentially so you can just forget that but that then percent half of them will do thing with you front of other people and the other half their scare of the image.