How to identify if you have feeling of love or lust for your sexy girl

Sometimes you get into a relationship, but you stay in a dilemma about you own feelings. You keep on wondering if you actually love that person or its just lust. Well if you are already in a relationship, then it is not easy to identify if your feelings are love or lust. However, there are some basic things that can help you identify your true feelings and you can learn if you love your Sexy girl feeling lustpartner or your feelings contain nothing else but lust.

Lust is when you are totally focused on a person’s sexy looks and body

Check your focus: If you want to know your feeling for your sexy girl, then you should check your focus. If you are more attracted toward physical attributes of your partner then you can consider that as lust. At the other hand if you are more attracted toward the emotional bonding with your girl, then you can consider that as a sign of love. By checking your focus, you can certainly get details if your feelings or love or lust.

Consider your discussion: When you are in love with your sexy woman, then most of the time you will talk at very emotional level. In your discussion you will talk all the emotional things, you may talk about growing old together and you can have similar kind of conversation with him or her. At the other hand, if you have feelings of lust for your girl then most of the time you will prefer to talk about your fantasy and you would want to know your woman fantasy. So, if you wish to identify you have love or lust for your hot lady, then you should watch your discussion as well.

If You feel love you want to spend quality time together other than sex

See the attachment level: Love is a feeling in which you do not feel that you are different from your girl. If you learn to know that your woman got some problem, then you automatically start feeling the pain and you feel sorry for him or her. In this situation, you wish to curse that problem and you do everything in your power so you partner can get some relaxation. While in a case of lust, you do not think in the same way. You consider the problems of your trouble as a disturber of the plan. Also, you may ask your partner to ignore those problems for happiness. So if you want to identify the difference between love and lust, then you should notice your attachment level as well.

Examine your attraction: In a case of love your attraction will remain at the very emotional level while in a case of lust you never get connected with each other. So you should check this quality as well while checking your emotions for your partner. In case, you feeling the emptiness when you are not talking to your girl, then also it can be considered as a sign of love. But in lust, you may start fantasizing about your partner when you have nothing else to do. And if you will keep these things in your mind, then this is an assurance that you will be able to know if you have a feeling of love or lust for your hot girl.